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To facilitate the orderly and logical circulation of talent within the company, allowing us and our technical professionals to complement each other's strengths. Our HR Department organizes open recruitment for experienced technical personnel and managers in relevant specialties. Relevant matters are announced as follows.

I. Basic Principles

Direct and orderly circulation of talent within the company based on our overall working objectives and in line with the principles of capability, efficiency, staffing optimization, openness, fairness, competition, and selection of the best.

II. Eligibility and Job Requirements

1. Based on mastery of relevant expertise and competence at work;

2. Healthy;

3. Aged 40 years old or under(excellent candidates may be up to 45);

4. Meeting job requirements for degree, professional title, and working experience, etc

III. Recruitment Process

1. Eligibility examination of job applicants;

2. Preliminary selection: exams and interviews;

3. Determination of finalists;

4. Completion of employment procedures for those approved for employment;

5. The HR Department handles recruitment organization and coordination.

4. Specific job requirements

Recruitment position: R&D engineer

(1) Job responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the principles, test methods, battery production process and key control points of lithium-ion batteries;

2. According to the characteristics and performance of battery materials, battery formula design and optimization, battery process design and optimization;

3. Participate in trial production and testing of samples, prepare test reports and complete data collation and analysis, and put forward effective improvement measures;

4. Ability to follow up the production independently and find feedback problems, can solve common problems in the sample production process;

5. Strong problem analysis and resolution ability, strong communication and coordination ability, and strong service awareness.

(2) Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above, major in chemistry or materials;

2. More than 3 years of experience in R&D and production of lithium-ion batteries, priority is given to deduction experiments and production experience of soft-pack batteries;

3. Familiar with the materials, design, process and equipment of lithium-ion batteries;

4. Able to systematically solve various practical problems that arise in the process of R&D and production;

5. Possess strong ability to write data reports.

(3) Working place: Shenzhen

Recruitment position: material sales

(1) Job responsibilities:

1. According to the company's marketing strategy, expand product sales in the market, actively complete sales volume indicators, and expand product market share;

2. Maintain good communication with customers, grasp customer trends and needs in real time, and provide proactive, enthusiastic, satisfied, and thoughtful services to customers;

3. Dynamically grasp the market price and regularly provide market analysis and forecast reports and personal work weekly/monthly reports to the company;

4. In the process of executing the contract, coordinate and supervise the operation of each functional department of the company;

5. Collect first-line marketing information and customer opinions, and provide reference opinions on company marketing strategies, after-sales service, etc.

(2) Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in materials or energy;

2. More than one year of sales and technical support experience, or an outstanding fresh graduate who is determined to engage in sales-type work;

3. Those who have rich customer resources, customer relationships and outstanding performance are preferred to hire;

4. Personality is tough, motivated, hardworking, willing to endure hardship, strong communication skills;

(3) Working place: Shenzhen, Dongguan

Recruitment position: Lithium battery sales

(1) Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales of lithium batteries, lithium batteries and other materials;

2. Open up new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales;

3. Proactively explore customer resources to complete the sales goals set by the company;

4. Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers;

5. Fill in the relevant sales form and submit the sales analysis and summary report;

6. Ensure the implementation of the sales targets issued by the company and ensure the completion of all task targets.

(2) Job requirements:

1. Education is not limited, marketing, battery materials, metallurgy, electrochemistry and other majors are preferred;

2. Have more than one year sales experience in lithium battery peripheral industry is preferred;

3. Have strong observation ability and adaptability, good market judgment ability and development ability;

4. Have a high degree of work enthusiasm and good teamwork spirit;

5. Responsible, open-minded, able to withstand greater work pressure, and adapt to frequent business trips.

(3) Working place: Shenzhen

Recruitment position: experimenter

Educational requirements: High school and above Work experience: 1 year and above

(1) Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for all basic experiments in lithium battery R&D and manufacturing process, including: optimization of mixing process, coating process, tabletting process, etc.;

2. Ability to independently complete the work related to full battery production;

3. Actively cooperate with the team's research and development work to jointly implement and complete related projects;

4. According to the R&D plan, complete the relevant experiments and tests according to the texture as scheduled, and provide timely feedback;

5. Record, organize and analyze the whole process of the experimental data.

(2) Job requirements:

1. High school degree or above, working experience in lithium battery production, research and development, testing is preferred;

2. Familiar with the production process of lithium batteries (such as mixing, coating, assembly and other processes), have rich practical operation experience, can endure hardship and withstand certain working pressure;

3. Familiar with the basic principle, structure, performance and operation method of experimental instruments;

4. Strict and meticulous, conscientious and responsible, hard-working and hardworking, strong execution, good at learning and thinking, and strong practical ability.

(3) Working place: Shenzhen, Dongguan

Recruitment position: IPQC

Education: Technical secondary school and above Work experience: 1 year and above

(1) Job responsibilities:

1. Process standards, process change orders, related drawing documents, operation instructions, technical standards, and contact slips, and perform inspection actions on the products produced and the operating specifications of employees;

2. Confirm the accuracy of the inspection tools (such as vernier caliper, micrometer, ruler, etc.) and measuring tools used. The measuring tools must be checked regularly to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the process quality;

3. In the following circumstances, the process quality control must make the first confirmation action, and the mass production can only be carried out after the qualification is confirmed, otherwise mass production is not allowed.

(1) The first piece of each boot.

(2) The first article after re-measurement of abnormal quality.

(3) The first piece after equipment or tool replacement or maintenance.

(4) The production operation conditions [including man, machine, material, method, and ring] must be changed after the first piece is confirmed.

4. After the first piece is completed, fill it in the first report, and the key processes must be quality-checked. Then execute the inspection action according to the prescribed frequency, and record the inspection results in the inspection record table in time;

5. If there are quality problems and abnormal quality in the manufacturing process, immediate improvement is required on site. If necessary, the line will be stopped to promote improvement, and mass production will be possible after the improvement is OK. And timely feedback the abnormality to the superior supervisor, mark and isolate the produced defects, and open a quality abnormality handling list;

6. The implementation and return of the matters assigned by the superior supervisor, and the completion of the work handover.

(2) Job requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. At least one year of quality experience, familiar with the basic process of quality inspection, strong sense of quality;

3. Serious, rigorous, fair, objective, strong sense of responsibility and strong team spirit.

(3) Working place: Dongguan

Recruitment position: coating technician

Education: Junior high school and above Work experience: 2 years and above

(1) Job responsibilities:

Responsible for the production and operation of the coating machine, confirm the first piece, maintain the sanitary environment on site, and report the equipment failure for repair;

(2) Job requirements:

1. Junior high school or above, aged between 20-35;

2. More than two years of production experience in lithium battery coating process, can independently operate transfer coating machine;

3. Have a good sense of responsibility and obey the arrangement of the administrator;

4. Ability to abide by the various management systems of the factory.

(3) Working place: Dongguan

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