Functional Binders for Coated Separators

Functional Binders for Coated Separators

Product introduction

Application: for ceramic separators

The SWA610 binder has the following advantages for ceramic separator preparation:

High-density coating based on ceramic slurry with low viscosity but high solid content;

Coated ceramic layer with high bonding strength, which does not fall off or shed;

Low moisture;

Strong oxidation and reduction resistance and broad electrochemical stability window;

Moderate liquid absorption rate and low resistance to lithium ion conduction. The batteries have high rate performance and long cycle life.

Basic parameters

Model: SWA610

Test itemStandard valueTest method
Solid content45.0%±1.0% wt%Weight measurement by oven
Viscosity<50 mPa•sViscosimeter
pH6.0±1.0pH meter
Coagulum content (200 mesh)≤0.05% wt%Screen filtering (200 mesh)

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