Talent Philosophy

"Mount Tai was built by tiny stones; mighty rivers come from trickles; an aspirant makes great accomplishments with help from the public." Our staff were, are, and will be the most valuable resources of Haodyne Technology. Our HR management centers around "serving business development and talent growth" and is based on "one open platform, teams of two types of core talent, and three core management mechanisms." Strategically, we aim to "build a company culture characterized by 'integrity, innovation, harmony and win-win cooperation,' creating a 100-year Haodyne foundation".

Serving business development and talent growth

In a people-oriented way, Haodyne Technology promotes harmonious development together with people, and highlight people’s growth requirements. In particular, we have a dual-track career development channel and have improved our performance-oriented assessment system, established a market-oriented competitive compensation & benefit system, offered occupational training with a purpose, and amplified a competitive and energetic selection and appointment system to select and assign competent employees to appropriate positions so that they can display their talents.

Open Platform

As an "open" platform, Haodyne Technology fully mobilizes the initiative and creativity of all stakeholders and combines various resources for their integration and appreciation, aiming to maximize our economic benefit and create a harmonious win-win situation for our shareholders, employees, and partners.