Coated Current Collectors

Coated Current Collectors

Product introduction

Application: anode/cathode current collectors

Surface treatment on the battery current collector using functional coating is a ground-breaking technical innovation. The current collector coating refers to evenly and finely coating dispersed conductive carbon nanoparticles on an aluminum or copper foil collector.With excellent static conductive performance, it collects microcurrents of the active material, strongly reducing the contact resistance between it and the current collector, and enhancing the adhesion between the two. Thus, binder is used less, significantly improving overall battery performance.
Based on our slurry dispersing and coating technology, we provide coated current collectors for continuous/intermittent coating as required by customers. The gap size, breadth, space size, and slurry system can all be customized.

Advantages of coated current collector:

Better adhesion between active material and current collector;

Lower internal resistance of battery and inhibited increase in dynamic internal resistance over the charge-discharge cycle;

Lower polarization, higher rate performance, and fewer thermal effects;

Prevention of current collector corrosion and oxidation by the electrolyte;

Significantly higher consistency in the battery pack and lower battery pack cost;

Better overall performance;

Longer battery service life.

Basic parameters

Specification & model:
Double-sided coating can be tailored in accordance with customers' requirements (for continuous and intermittent coating, size of coating gap is customized)

No.ItemStandard range
1Coating thicknessCustom
2Coating density
(Mass area ratio in printing)
3Substrate breadthMaximum 600mm
4Coating methodContinuous/intermittent
5Substrate thickness (copper foil)5um/6um/8um

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