Conductive Dispersion

Conductive Dispersion

Product introduction

Application:anode/cathode slurry

Advantages of conductive dispersion:

Good processing performance: low viscosity, high stability and higher proportioning efficiency of conducting liquid;

Good dispersion effect: our dispersion auxiliary and good dispersion process improve dispersion performance of the slurry to better disperse battery capacity and lower its internal resistance;

Smaller quantity: less content added to battery, hence much lower internal resistance;

High solid content: high solid content,indicating good cost performance;

Good conductive performance: unique branch structure and sound dispersion performance create a good conductive network.

Basic parameters

Model: CD-W010, CD-S005

In line with the binder application mechanism, Haodyne Technology has developed a variety of anode binders based on our own R&D and technology. The slurry of the binders has even and stable performance facilitating coating processing, good bonding performance, and high affinity to the electrolyte and electrolyte resistance. We can adjust it as required by the customer to improve battery performance, making our productshighly cost-effective.

SolventDeionized waterNMP
AppearanceBlack slurryBlack slurry
Conductive agent content (theoretical value)10%5%
Solid content12±1.0%5.5±0.5%
Viscosity (mPa·s)≤3000≤3000

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